Safety in Equipment

Eastside Crusaders Junior Football is committed to making player safety the top priority in our program.  ECJF was the 1st youth football program in America to equip our teams with VICIS ZERO1 Youth helmets (see our press release ).
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We believe in this product so much that we have partnered with VICIS in getting the word out.  Here are some of the  VICIS ZERO1 Youth  videos we helped put together.
VICIS Unveil Video
This is the original video VICIS made, back in 2016, when they unveiled their story.  It showcases the "culmination of nearly two years of research, development, design, testing, prototyping, questioning, sweating, imagining, reimagining, building, rebuilding and pushing our expertise in medicine, science and engineering to the brink."

This video is definitely worth your time, if you share our passion for player safety.