Top 10 Eastside Crusaders Facts

FACT 1: You don’t need to be an Eastside Catholic School student to play for ECJF!

FACT 2: We are a faith-based athletic community. Our touchstones are Faith, Family, Football & Fun!

FACT 3: ECJF is a leader in player safety, including concussion awareness and prevention.

FACT 4: We play great football! NJFL League Champions: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011 (2 titles), and 2013.

FACT 5: All of our coaches complete mandatory training through USA Football and ECJF.

FACT 6: Our coaches work directly with ECHS coaches, in training and on the field

FACT 7: ECHS Varsity players mentor our Youth players through our Crusader Buddies program.

FACT 8: Many of our youth alumni go on to enjoy outstanding high school careers (60 All-Metro selections including 6 MVPs).

FACT 9: Many more go on to play at the next level: Harvard, Claremont, West Point, Dartmouth, Portland State, Holy Cross, Washington State and so on.

FACT 10: We focus on solid football fundamentals that will help prevent injury and prepare your son for high school football.